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MinecraftUnlocked aims to provide users a way to play online on private servers using Username and Password combinations registered with the servers host and not the developers of Minecraft.

This is achieved by routing requests meant for to an IP of the users choice.

This sounds easy, but Minecraft has methods aimed at preventing such a simple method or routing. The Minecraft developers implemented a check of the HTTPS Servers Public Key. Thus ensuring it is the actual Minecraft server. This being said, the Public Key that the Minecraft Launcher uses to check against is stored as a resource within the Executable/Jar and can be replaced. This involves patching out the original and then deleting the .DSA Signature File from the Jar.

Given either the Windows Exe version or the bare Jar version of the Minecraft launcher, the MinecraftKeyPatcher will generate a patched Jar capable of connecting to any MinecraftUnlocked Servers.

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